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Garden of Doing aims to nudge you toward a free creative mindset and transform your thumb, not into a green one but a creative one.

The project is for people like you, who are reading this and are scrolling around the world wide web and perhaps you already consider yourself creative, it may not be challenging to come up with new ideas. On the contrary, you may already have a whole bag of seeds. But what stands in your way of making these ideas grow into a garden, forest, or field of colourful flowers? So it's not about generating new ideas but learning how to implement and grow the ideas we already have. 

Garden of Doing aims to inspire you to go on a journey and get to know yourself, your blocks, inner voices, and the perfectionism that holds you back. It helps you put a seed in your head on your own and let the mindset of becoming a harmonic doer grow and flourish.
Instead of beating your inner critic and nipping it in the bud, it is about becoming friends with your inner critic. The most powerful tool to make ideas grow is you.

So let's build yourself your own playful tool at home. 

Garden of Doing was created as part of Alessia Wiss' bachelor thesis at the Zurich University of the Arts in Interaction Design.
The project was exhibited at ZHdK in June 2022 and is virtually still exhibited here.  

the roots grow

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