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  • Why is GoD an online shop you can't actually buy anything for real?
    The shop serves as a critique of consumer society, where we tend to solve our problems with a purchased product practically delivered to our home and then simply do the work for us. Consuming and buying stuff kicks your dopamine level much more straightforward than sitting down and doing the hard work of implementing your idea. Excessive consumption may impact creativity and boost the dopamine circuit in the short term. The online store serves an already existing need of consumption and can thus reach more people. There is no one fits all solution. The path of finding solutions for oneself is highly individual since we have all different requirements and backgrounds. Yet some things are constant and are occurring as a pattern. Therefore, the shop does not provide the one solution that should fit all. It's much more about getting the person involved, interacting with blocks, and showing that getting a well-cultivated, flourishing, healthy garden is a journey. And sometimes, there are vermin, and the plants get sick, but still, the proper treatment gets the plant to grow again. See here how others of the community have built their own tool.
  • What is the motivation and inspiration behind GoD?
    In the ever faster-changing world, constantly facing new problems, we need creative minds with good ideas that can implement in the real world. If we look closer at successful and productive creative people, entrepreneurs, and business people, it is not enough to simply "have an idea". The idea as such is a small percentage of the whole journey. It is like a tiny seed but far from being a tree. Garden of Doing aims to make it easier to execute your ideas, growing the seed to a tree or a flower, with a free creative mindset and the ability to recognize and overcome your creative blocks. We believe in a harmonious and forward-thinking world, which does not let good ideas nip in the bud. 🌱
  • What is the future of the project?
    Garden of Doing will be further developed. What has been created in the last months within the bachelor project has transformed into a beautiful foundation. The project will grow further since this topic has a lot of potentials, and so many people report their creative blockades. The goal is to develop workshops aimed at teams but also individuals and help them simplify the implementation of their ideas and facilitate a harmonious collaboration between team members. The project should grow together with people. If this topic makes your heart beat faster and you are interested in working with me, don't hesitate to contact me. 🌱
  • I want to know more about the topic.
    Great, that you want to know more about the topic. Feel free to have a look at the book, which was written during the bachelor project at ZHdK. In there, you'll find the research behind the whole project as well as insights into the process itself. Still hungry and interested in more? Yeah! Get in touch with me through the contact form. 🌱
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